Our COVID Safety Pledge

We, at the Hooley House,
pride ourselves in practicing
the best health and safety policies
for the comfort and safety
of our guests
and our own Hooley family.

Our primary concern at The Hooley is for the health, safety and comfort of our family and guests. We are proud to say that our team has made a pledge to do the following:

- Wear Face Coverings (except when exempted)

- Daily employee temperature monitoring and health assessments

- Enhanced Food Safety Education

- COVID-19 Safety Best Practices and Education

- Continued focus on our already rigorous cleanliness and safety standards

- Institute new cleanliness and safety guidelines

- Full compliance with ODH regulations and recommendations

- Arrange seating areas to fully comply with social distancing requirements

- Upgrade our facilities to ensure the most "touch free" environment possible, including restroom sinks/doors

- Double washing/sanitizing all cookware, dishes, silverware

- Clean and sanitize common area surfaces every hour

- Clean and sanitize restrooms every hour

- Non-Smoking Patio until after 9 pm for safe and comfortable eating environment

- Touchless Pay

- Step 'n Pull door openers

- Upgraded HVAC to CDC recommended MERV Hospital Grade Filters

- Disposable Menus, Salt, Pepper and Condiments

We are proud to serve you with professionalism, safety, compassion and kindness.

Thank you for your support!