What’s a Hooley?

Hooley House Sports Pub & Grille!

What’s a Hooley, you ask?

Hooley (who-lee) – an informal Irish home kitchen party.  Traditionally, a Hooley was a social party that took place at a private residence, often in the kitchen.  Everyone brought their favorite dish, their instruments, of course their favorite brew, and they ate, sang, and danced long into the night!

Yes, it’s all about having fun. In keeping with the Hooley tradition, the Irish/American Sports Pub serves moderately priced, fresh and tasty favorite foods, with a spotlight on classic Irish dishes. Imported and domestic brews will be served. Dine in, carry out and online ordering is available.

All are welcome at the Hooley House; it is sure to become your favorite place for family fun, a business lunch, or a get-together with friends. Come and enjoy the game, experience great entertainment, or stop in to relax anytime while enjoying a great meal! As anyone will tell you, “Every day is a Hooley day!”


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